Lullaby in Heaven Chapter Five



Standing by the edge of the pond in the Great Meadow Jannie gazed into her reflection.  She had felt the growth of her soul, but until this moment did not realize she had grown in stature as well. Before her, with a bemused look, was her reflection, she was perhaps in her mid twenties by earth’s time.  Her dark chestnut hair still framed her face, her eyes were deep with wisdom, but she had lost the roundness of childhood and her cheeks angled downward along her delicate jaw to her soft full lips.  She did not think herself beautiful, but just an older version of the child she remembered being on earth.

Her thoughts were interrupted, the presence of the Master radiated a warmth before he appeared by her side. She looked up and saw his ever present light enveloping him.  “Jannie, my child, yes, you have grown,” he began, reading her thoughts.  “It is pleasing to see you growing into your adult self.  We have so much work to do, so much will come to pass. Your heart will be needed to heal those who are coming.” He often spoke cryptically, although she nodded seemingly understanding these words on a deeper level.  She somehow knew what her calling was, somehow she knew she had been chosen for healing work.  Her soul understood.

            “First, I would like you to come with me.  I have someone I would like you to meet,” he extended his glowing hand and as she took it they were whisked away to another level, a higher vibration where she was to learn for a time.

 The landscape appeared to her to be of ancient times mixed with the simplicity of everyday life and a sacred sense of knowledge. It was a village of women and children.  The homes were one story buildings made of stone with thatched roofs.  They encircled a town center which had an ancient well for drawing water, the symbol of life.  As they entered the town several barefoot children scattered from their play time and came running towards the Master embracing him and laughing.  He greeted each by name and hugged and blessed them.  “Where is my mother?” he asked the children. They pointed to one of the homes; a glow could be seen escaping from the doorway.

The Master stood before the door and called, “Mother? I have brought you the one we spoke of,” explaining his appearance. In an instant, draped in a blue sapphire gown, a woman who appeared ageless but perhaps thirty greeted them. Her smile was warm, the kind of warmth the spring sun emits after a brutal winter.  “It is good to see you,” she greeted him and embraced him with her eyes. Their hearts energy linked and combined. Jannie watched in utter amazement.

The Mother turned her attention towards Jannie, “Welcome, my child, my son speaks highly of you.” And she then embraced Jannie with her all knowing eyes, Jannie felt naked but safe as though this woman could read her very soul.  She didn’t speak but conveyed these thoughts to Jannie ‘You will stay with us, and learn our ways.  I will teach you how to heal a child’s heart. When the Master needs you, you will be ready to do God’s work in the Great Meadow.’

Jannie felt as though a elevated honor had been bestowed upon her and began to wonder if she would be able to do all that was asked of her.  This time the Mother spoke, “Do not fear, my child.  Your heart is vastly compassionate; this is how God has made you.  He would never ask of you something you were incapable of.  Your time here will prepare you for whatever is to come,” she explained.  “Go now with him; let him prepare you for your lessons.” She excused herself and went back inside the house.

Jannie relaxed a little and half smiled.  This was a new place in God’s country for her, the vibration was higher than other places she had experienced, it made her head hum. “Come, relax and sit by the well,” the Master led her back to the center of town.  He lowered the wooden pail down until an audible splash was heard and retrieved then it. Jannie wondered why there existed so much physicality in this village. The Master smiled having read her thoughts, “This is one of many healing centers, we bring souls here who need to make a slower transition into the afterlife, so it appears more earthlike.”

            “But the vibration is so high my head is spinning,” she complained a little.

 He laughed deeply, “Yes, My Mother has that effect wherever she goes; it is the nature of her healing.  Once you are cleansed you will not notice it so much.” That being said he took the bucket of well water and motioned for Jannie to sit on the bare wooden bench.  He knelt before her and gently took her feet and washed them in his hands.  The water was cool but strangely not wet; she realized that perhaps it was just an illusion, a symbol of cleansing, but not truly water in the earthly sense. 

She watched as the Master blessed her feet and she felt a strange sensation race up her legs onto her spine and straight into her spinning head.  The moment froze as her consciousness reset itself to the vibration that existed in this realm.  She felt she was home.  He smiled warmly at her as he watched the transformation, “You will be a wonderful spiritual mother.  She will teach you well.”

 The little group of children had gathered once again around the Master, wordlessly they took Jannie’s hand and started to lead her down the street.  She turned to the Master once again, “Thank you,” she said with deep sincerity.  His love was boundless, and she felt being in his presence was a gift in itself.

            “You are most welcome,” he said as he made his way to the entrance of the village.

            “Wait,” Jannie called out, “What do I call your Mother?”

            Over his shoulder his words whispered on the wind, “Call her Mary.”


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I am a hospice nurse who has been writing spiritually inspired books for the past seven years. I have written a children's book called "Little Star" which is available in ebook format I am currently writing a novel on spiritual love and the afterlife and looking for a publisher. It is my deepest wish to help with the transition from this world to the next whether it be through my work in hospice or through my written words. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.
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