Lullaby in Heaven/ Chapter 20

Azrael stood before Molly whose spirit lingered. She instinctively knew that this being in front of her was powerful but gentle. Despite his dark coloring, a warm glow of light surrounded him, pulsating. His enormous wing span undulated behind him, a tender breeze emitted from their flutter.
She turned to see her crumpled lifeless body lying in a pool of blood. She was strangely detached from the scene. The pain and suffering she had felt up until the time of her passing was gone, but the fuzziness that the drugs has caused her brain remained. Her transition was not a fully conscious one. She felt confusion, “Where are we going?” she asked him.
“I am taking you to a place of rest and healing in God’s country,” he explained. “Your soul needs to heal.”
The soul of her baby appeared as well, it was a little boy with blonde ringlets, he smiled at her and nuzzled into her arms. She cradled him thinking perhaps she had already given birth, that somehow this was just a dream and she would wake up and everything would be as it should be. Her confusion continued, she was not whole, her mind had been damaged by her drug use, but this too would pass with the loving care of the Cloaked Ones.
Azrael bent over and with his massive arms scooped up Molly and the baby. She looked well into his dark eyes and submitted to his power. His wings fanned out and began to pulsate causing the once gentle breeze to become a whirlwind of energy that propelled them up into the sky where the crystalline stairs of ascension had appeared.
Azrael flew over the stairs, his bare feet walking on stars, or so it appeared to Molly as they flew higher and deeper into God’s country. A pinpoint of azure light began to take from; it grew and sparkled until Azrael was upon it. Its swirling made a deafening sound, Molly was frightened. She pulled herself closer to the etheric body of the Angel of Death. She felt the vibration of his body against her wounded soul, it soothed her.
Suddenly the swirling mass of azure light opened up and Azrael flew through it and landed on the Other Side of life. They were not at the Great Meadow, they were not at the Garden of Remembering or the gates of the Master’s city, instead, before them stood a somber building of muted tones. It was not made of crystals as other buildings of God’s country, but of dense limestone. The ivy crept up the sides of its ancient walls, crawling up seeking the light of a sun that did not exist here. The few windows that dotted its exterior were small and high, the front entrance was an open portico with stone archways.
Molly relaxed as she thought, ‘this couldn’t be hell, it isn’t hot enough.’ Azrael read her confusion, “You will heal with the Cloaked Ones until such time as your heart and mind realign with your soul. There is no shame in this, there is no punishment. God only wishes you to heal and come back whole into His light.”
A figure emerged, covered from head to toe in a drab cloak of sepia; she motioned to them to follow her. Down a long narrow hallway, past many arched doorways to unknown destinations they walked. The cloaked figure finally stopped and before them a dormitory like room opened up. It was made of amber stones, that emitted a lulling hum and shown a soft light as they rhythmically pulsated. Five simple cots lined the walls, only one was empty. The Cloaked One indicated it was there that Molly she was to lie down.
Molly turned to Azrael in panic, “But what about my baby?” The child still nestled in her arms.
“We have a special place for him as well. He will be taken care of in the Great Meadow by a spiritual mother; do not fear for your little one’s well being. Once you have healed you will be reunited,” he explained. He extended his arms and she kissed the baby and then placed him in the giant angels’ arms. The baby gurgled and cooed and pulled at Azraels’ beardless face.
Molly took one last look and did as she had been instructed. The cot was soft and molded to her etheric body. The Cloaked One stood over her and for the first time Molly saw a face. Bright purple eyes of compassion stared back at her in a face of white iridescence. The brightness of the Cloaked One distorted her sight. “Close your eyes,” she instructed, “I will bless you with the Sleep of Healing.”
Molly looked once more towards Azrael and her baby, he nodded his encouragement and then she closed her eyes. The Sleep of Healing descended upon her in droplets of dew like tones, each burying itself in various parts of her worn body, spreading out and consuming her until her consciousness was quieted by the humming of its magic.
Molly lay there in a healing trance. Azrael retraced his steps with the Cloaked One who spoke telepathically to him, “She will need time, her soul has been bruised and battered. We will care for her until such time that she can care for herself and her child. You have a home for this little one, yes?” The Cloaked One reached out and blessed the baby in his arms.
“Yes, it has already been arranged. He will go to the Great Meadow, there a beautiful mother is waiting for him,” he stated, his thoughts betraying his emotions.
The Cloaked One smiled at Azrael, their gaze met as she read his eyes. “Azrael, my friend, you have changed. Beauty was never a part of your vocabulary! Your eyes are seeing things that your heart has longed for, no?”
Azrael turned about from her piercing stare. “Apparently I have,” was all could muster. He pulled the child closer to his bosom said his goodbyes and flew off in the direction of the Great Meadow where the light of his heart waited.
Jannie greeted him with a warm smile. Victoria, the sandy hair girl who had come through to her parents first was sitting playing in the meadow; her love bond was still taught with grief. She ran to Azrael and where he landed and gushed with happiness, “Oh, a baby! Can I hold him? He’s so cute! What’s his name?” the little girl was instantly enamored. Azrael gently handed the baby to Victoria, who sat amongst the meadow flowers and played with the babe.
He turned his attention to Jannie. Then he noticed a new face hiding behind Jannie, peeking out shyly in his direction. “Who is this?” his curiosity peeked. It was not a soul he had brought over.
Jannie held the hand of a little girl in a lavender dress and bare feet, swinging her arms in a playful manner, “This, Azrael, is to be Becca’s daughter,” she stated with maternal pride. The dark hair girl tried to hide behind Jannie once again, the huge angel frightened her. She had seen many angels in God’s country, but he was the biggest and darkest by far. Jannie turned to her and spoke in soft tones reassuring the child.
“Welcome, little one,” Azrael said formally, “I know your earth mother well. You will be well loved, that I am certain.” Azrael wasn’t versed in this aspect of life, this was the transition into the world, his mission was to bring souls back to God’s Country, the Angels of Love were the ones who sent new souls into the world. He watched the child with a renewed curiosity, he saw Becca’s smile but the dark wavy hair belonged to another. Who is the child’s earthly father then?” he asked.
Jannie laughed, “Azrael, have you not been paying attention? It is you and I who brought them together, we have played cupid, so to speak!”
“Really?” he said astounded, “It is not part of by mission to bring romantic love to the human souls.”
The little girl dashed away to play with Victoria and Molly’s baby boy. The three sat and giggled, the girls began to sing a little song for the baby who pulled at their hair and tried to suck on the strands.
Jannie came closer to Azrael, “Yes, well this may well have been true, but we brought together a seemingly impossible love, at least from where they are looking. No love is impossible, we both know that,” she said with emphasis.
Azrael flustered, “So Becca is in love with?”
“Father Ian, didn’t you see that coming? It was obvious from their first encounter. Where have you been Azrael?” she teased.
“I’m rather busy you know, I don’t always have the luxury of observing the outcomes of my deeds,” he said defensively. He took her hand and walked towards the water, “Jannie, Do you think that Becca will love this man? She is so stubborn, you know,” he confided in her.
Jannie laughed, “She already loves him, she has loved him from time out of mind. This incarnation is just another time for them to love each other, to grow in God’s grace. Azrael, love is not new, just the form it takes makes it appear new,” she looked at him and sighed. “My sweet angel, you have been so busy have you forgotten about love?”
Azrael grew somber and said in a low rumble, “No, love is what makes this world God’s country, I will never forget that.” He seemed pained by his answer; his emotions were saying things to his head that he didn’t want to understand. He was the Angel of Death, time out of mind; he had no time for this land of love, that was for others, or so he tried to convince himself. Jannie tugged on his arm and he looked to her, her light was beyond his abilities to describe. His angel heart fluttered with confusion. “I must go, there are souls that need me,” he tried to excuse himself.
“Azrael, I need you,” her eyes pleaded with him. Jannie knew he struggled with what also seemed impossible, but his actions all spoke his heart even if he couldn’t see it. Jannie knew his heart, she knew him, from the moment of the beginning of time God had meant for them to be together, she was certain of it. Love knew no obstacles, love just was. She dropped his hand and allowed him to leave aching as his image once again became a speck in the sky.

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I am a hospice nurse who has been writing spiritually inspired books for the past seven years. I have written a children's book called "Little Star" which is available in ebook format I am currently writing a novel on spiritual love and the afterlife and looking for a publisher. It is my deepest wish to help with the transition from this world to the next whether it be through my work in hospice or through my written words. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.
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