We’ve got this

It is said the we choose our lives; create a blueprint of the journey we are to embark on in life in the spirit world before we are born.  We decide what lessons we need to embrace to grow as a soul.  I believe in the spirit realm when we do this, we have the upmost confidence and optimism that we can accomplish anything.  We see the challenges, as a testament to our commitment in soul evolution, our spiritual growth.  And so, we embark with a great love of life, the physical existence in the human form thinking we’ve got this! Being human is both a challenge and a blessing.

When I sit with my hospice patients, I encourage them to share their life review if that is something they wish to do.  I am always fascinated by the stories, the life journey they have had.  It is far different than mine, older people have lived through different outward times doing the same inner work that we all do.  It is sacred to walk through memories and the emotions they evoke.

The stories they choose to share, the stories we choose to repeat define who we are, what we feel is important.  I think about this a lot.  When I meet someone what do I want them to know about me first? What is important about me that I want to share?  Often in hospice I will share that my parents have both passed over, that before my mother died, she saw my father (in spirit) standing by her bed waiting for her.  I share the stories that will help others with their current journey.  But my stories are deeper and more complex than that.  If you were to ask, I would tell you that as a child I loved the earth, climbed trees and sang in them watching the birds… that is who I am.

Yesterday I sat with a newspaper man, he can talk. He is full of stories- lots and lots of them.  He shared with me some of his adventures, rubbing shoulders with a President, celebrities and the super-rich.  After some time, he looked at me and said, “I think I made a difference.” It was a simple statement but this what was the most important thing to him.  Being here, knowing you are leaving soon, did my stories make a difference, did they make life better?  Yes, by just being here we make a difference. Yes, by having the courage to live our lives the best we can in the moment we make a difference. 

So, I offer you this, be kind to yourself, you are doing the best you can.  Tell your story with compassion and joy because you my friend are a Child of God and your place in this vast Universe would not be the same without you.

About Angelnurse0513

I am a hospice nurse who has been writing spiritually inspired books for the past seven years. I have written a children's book called "Little Star" which is available in ebook format http://www.amazon.com/Little-Star-Phyllis-Higgins-ebook/dp/B00BOEHUS6. I am currently writing a novel on spiritual love and the afterlife and looking for a publisher. It is my deepest wish to help with the transition from this world to the next whether it be through my work in hospice or through my written words. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.
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5 Responses to We’ve got this

  1. Marji says:

    Once again, a very powerful piece.
    I would like to hear more of your stories that are deeper and more complex.

  2. azize010 says:

    Thank you for shining your light!!! 🙏💕💕💕

  3. John Ingalls says:

    A real blessing, thank you 🙂

  4. Beautiful. What an honor to hear people’s life stories in that way. I wish everyone realized how very special and important the thread of their life is in the overall tapestry of the world. We may never know who we touch – the difference we make.

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